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The discovery that the nervous system has a pivotal role in cancer formation, progression and therapy resistance has changed our understanding of tumor diseases – and will impact how to better treat them. The Cancer Neuroscience initiative aims to unravel many important, but still unanswered questions of the mutual interactions between cancers and the nervous system. In this multidisciplinary collaboration involving scientists and clinicians from the University of Heidelberg, DKFZ, Heidelberg University Hospital, EMBL, the MPI for Medical Research, Mannheim University Hospital, Mannheim University and the Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit, we will combine methodologies from neuroscience, neuromedicine, cancer research, mathematical modeling, computer science and other research fields: to accelerate scientific progress, and to develop new neuroscience-based treatments for cancer patients.

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Their aim is to achieve breakthrough innovations in the field of Cancer Neuroscience by sharing and synergistically developing new cellular, molecular, imaging, bioinformatics and mathematical tools and technologies.


The first International Conference on Cancer Neuroscience was held on July 18-19, 2023.

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